Our Family is Growing

    Shelissa Organics®, was founded in 1998 by American model and author Shelissa Kearney. Shelissa was studying at Harvard University when she discovered a need for safe lip care for families and became an advocate for safe and organic skincare . Shelissa is a contributing columnist to family and health magazines and continues her dedication as an active member of the company developing safe cosmetics.  The company regular contributes to philanthropic organizations that support children and families, and honored to be recognized by various organizations for the company's dedication to safe, clean beauty.

Why parents love our lip care. Why fashion stylists love our lip care. Why you will love love love our lip care. 

    Shelissa Organics is widely known for our mouth-watering Lip Balm. Really good lip balm fro more than two decades. You may see the lip balms at Fashion Week, on your favorite athletes, on their kids, and toted around with stylists on movie sets. The lip balms are made with the youngest to the eldest, sensitive, dry, sunburned, and healthy lips all in mind. Our lip balms are USDA Certified Organic, gluten and nut free.

Fashionable friends include Oscar award winning actors, writers, T.V. hosts, editors, and stylists. Pediatricians, dentists, dermatologists, and everyone between wear Shelissa Organics lip balms and sun protection. We are honored to earn your trust in your daily skincare choices.