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Our certified organic lip balms and sun protection are made with the best of everything ingredients! Kid tested and parent approved. Gluten and nut free. 





This is the BEST lip balm I have ever used.  My husband uses it, my kids uses it, and occasionally the dog tries to take it! 

Marnie, Annapolis MD.

Our family has very sensitive skin, especially my daughter. We searched high and low for a product that would soothe our kids lips and this is it. Thank you Shelissa Organics!!

Melissa, Alexandria, VA

Originally I thought this product was only for kids but pleasantly surprised that I like it as much as my children and wife do. I travel much of the year and it's great for hydrating after long flights. 

Brendan, Los Angeles, CA

After trying countless lip balms on my kids, Little Lips by Shelissa Organics is the balm they ask for 100% of the time! Thank you Shelissa Organics for a safe product for my children and a product that really works.  This is a company with a heart of gold.
Thank you!

Rebecca, Jim, Braden, Cali, and Patrick, La Jolla, CA

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